ID Cards

There’s a suggestion that the legal age for buying stinky cigarettes should rise every year ( In the unlikely event a government decides to kill one of its cash-cows I imagine the only way to control purchases would be with some form of ID card. In the meantime, the government is trying to have its cake (taxes raised from tobacco) and eat it (not pass most of the raised tax straight to the NHS to deal with the health problems associated with tobacco use) by trying to get businesses to shoulder the cost of tobacco-related absences and to pay for staff to control their addiction. A devastating addiction that the government does nothing to prevent by allowing unrestricted tobacco sales. But I digress. What’s this got to do with Code Crew, I hear you ask? Well! I’m not bad at APIs and I reckon there’ll be new applications required, making significant volumes of calls to government APIs, if an ID card ever takes off. Even the DVLA could open up an API, as the driving licence is a de-facto ID card in the UK.