Software Development

Windows desktop development in Winforms or WPF for your bespoke application needs.

Legacy System Maintenance

Legacy systems, which your business depends upon but are also paradoxically a bit of a hindrance, are the area of work in which Code Crew has plenty of experience and enthusiasm for. For example, maybe the original developers have moved on to new projects or the one person who understood the system has left the company. This is exactly the situation where Code Crew excels; analysing the system, understanding it, explaining it and then implementing essential bug fixes and minor enhancements *. ETL and data-cleansing from an older system to a new one is another service where Code Crew can be called in as a short timeframe resource.

Bug Fixing and Fault Resolution

Code Crew develops Windows applications in C#, and fixes websites that use ASP.Net on the back-end and JavaScript on the front-end. Frameworks, packages and paradigms around those 2 primary areas are also covered; MVC, jQuery and Knockout predominantly.

Remote or On-site

Most of Code Crew’s work is done remotely but site visits are always useful. Code Crew is based in Cardiff and is happy to visit any business around there to discuss C# and ASP.Net work. Call on 07484149210 to see if such a visit would be worthwhile for you. Or use the contact page to provide some initial details.

What else does Code Crew provide?


Code Crew partners with to supply simple hosting and support for small sites, generally WordPress on Linux but Windows hosting is also available.

Hosting Support

Email address maintenance, regular backups of site code and databases, Secure Certificate administration and plugins kept up-to-date. All these services are for businesses that do not have the time or technical interest to perform them.

* In all cases, access to the source code is required.