Well, I have a good idea where the last year went, and it was jammed full of interesting projects 🙂

I have the briefest of windows to do a blog or two and some of the subjects I hope to write up fully are :-

  • Using EMGU graphics processing
  • Creating an API on a website for standalone PC applications to access web-based ticketing information
  • More SagePay and MDB payment terminal implementations
  • Moving a high-profile WordPress site from ‘normal’ hosting to AWS (involving EC2, Route 53, load balancers, SSL and the kitchen sink)
  • More (much more) interesting C# and SQL code
  • Comparing remoteutilities.com to LogMeIn for remote working
  • Engaging a (brilliant) Bulgarian team of developers to create bespoke booking scripts. (Requirements management, taking delivery and integrating with existing site)

And so on …